Alamo Colleges Training Nurses from Mexico to Fill SA Needs

September 29, 2023

District Communications

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Alamo Colleges District and Tecmilenio announce the launch of "The International Nursing Pathway by Alamo Colleges District and Tecmilenio.” This pathway is a groundbreaking cross-border collaboration between the educational institutions, designed to train qualified nurses from Mexico and Latin America and prepare them to take the NCLEX exam.

The self-directed educational program will empower bilingual nurses working in Mexico and Latin America to accelerate the upskilling of healthcare workers, offering professional mobility across countries. The international program was created with the engagement of the Methodist Healthcare System, which plans to hire nurses who complete the program.

Considered the second-largest private employer in San Antonio, Methodist Healthcare has a staff of more than 13,500 people, including 3,500 doctors of all specialties. Ongoing shortages in the healthcare industry represent a promising opportunity for Mexican nurses.

This program is anticipated to serve 100 Mexican nurses during the first year. Through this groundbreaking collaboration, Alamo Colleges will:

  • Build a Pathway to Fulfill Private Sector Needs in the Region: This comprehensive pathway program is designed to train qualified nurses from Mexico to work in the U.S. and be hired by Methodist Healthcare to work in San Antonio. 

  • Bridge the Workforce Gap Across Borders: This training includes providing bilingual learners with cross-cultural competencies to work successfully in the U.S. This program will bridge the workforce gap by utilizing talent from around the world.

  • Leverage Micro-Credentials to Build an Innovative and Replicable Program: The program's structure, consisting of micro-credentials and digital badges, allows for easy adaptation across different sectors, making it a model for future cross-border educational and workforce development initiatives. 

"Our partnership with Tecmilenio provides aspiring nurses with agile and effective training,” said Alamo Colleges District Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores.

“Together, we will offer a high-quality program that enables Mexican nurses to practice in the United States. This collaboration provides us with a unique opportunity to address workforce challenges on both sides of the border through targeted educational initiatives."

Nursing represents the largest healthcare profession. According to Texas Health and Human Services, the state anticipates future shortages in most nursing roles. The quality of healthcare and San Antonio’s access to it could be at risk due to a nationwide nursing shortage.

As our population ages and the demand for health care continues to grow, the number of nursing school graduates is not matching demand. The launch of The International Nursing Pathway by Alamo Colleges and Tecmilenio is a substantial opportunity for the healthcare sector. It will provide new employment opportunities – marking an important step in bridging the gap between professional credentials across borders.