César Chavez Day Declared as an Official Holiday

July 26, 2023

District Communications

Alamo Colleges District ACCESS Building Exterior

At the July 25 regular board meeting, the Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees made the momentous decision to officially recognize the significance of César Chavez’s contributions to civil rights and labor movements by designating César Chavez Day as an official Alamo Colleges District holiday. This landmark initiative celebrates the life and legacy of one of the most influential leaders in American history and pays tribute to his tireless efforts in championing the rights and dignity of farmworkers.

The decision to adopt César Chavez Day as a holiday is a testament to the Alamo Colleges District’s commitment to recognizing the rich tapestry of American history. By celebrating César Chavez’s legacy, the Alamo Colleges sends a powerful message about the importance of honoring civil rights leaders whose impact continues to resonate for generations.

Starting in 2024, on March 31st each year, the Alamo Colleges District will come together to observe César Chavez Day, reflecting on the remarkable achievements of a man whose dedication and passion inspired a movement that transcends time and boundaries.

Dr. Mike Flores, Chancellor of the Alamo Colleges District expressed profound enthusiasm about the decision, stating, “By declaring César Chavez Day as a holiday, we celebrate the enduring spirit of a visionary leader who fought against adversity to uplift the marginalized and vulnerable. Let this day be a unifying force in our community, motivating us in our pursuit to transform lives and end generational poverty through education.”